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Thứ Bảy, 5 tháng 1, 2013

After a long and tiring day at work, I boarded a bus to go home. A very crowded ride with pushes and elbows from all directions as usual. Not util the bus got to my street did I realize that in the morning, which seemed like a long time ago after all the pointless and lengthy meetings, I had  driven my motorbike to work. And naturally, it had been left outside at the museum (my workplace) as I, with worn-out mind and body headed straight to the bus stop. I decided to take a bus back to the museum, which easily would take up another hour on bus in the rushing hours. My house was just a few steps away, but I knew my grandfather wouldn't be able to sleep knowing his beloved Cup scooter was left outdoor over night. I waited and waited. There was a group of people waiting, everyone bundled up with coats and scarfs, slightly trembled and shrank whenever the wind hit them. It was getting darker and colder. Different buses came and went, I was becoming hungry and exhausted. When the bus I needed finally arrived, I couldn't rush pass a few people in front of me fast enough to get on. I waved and shouted like crazy so the bus could stop for me. Instead, the bus assistant looked at me from inside, smirked, and signaled that another bus would come soon. Yeah, soon indeed! I returned to my waiting spot, suddenly saw a friend from elementary school that I hadn't spoken to for ages. I smiled at her, but her gaze seemed far and distant. I wasn't sure if she recognized me at all. I wanted to approach her, but at the same time didn't dare to leave my spot should another bus came any moment. I was cold from inside out. I decided to call my boyfriend and asked if he could give me a ride to my workplace. I knew he doesn't like driving in the cold, so I really hesitated. But in the end I dialed his number. He picked up and uttered only one word "hello", and there was a lot of noises in the background. It sounded like he was driving on a busy street. A few moments later, a girl's voice whined to my ear "hurry up, what do you want?". I could easily guess what situation he was in, driving on a street with a girl behind, who didn't have much patient for disruptive calls. I hanged up. A text message from him landed on my phone shortly after "don't imagine stuffs, nothing is wrong here".

My heart beat fast, and I woke up in deep frustration.
I sent him this description and he replied "your dream is rich with details and wild imagination"
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