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Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 9, 2011

I was riding my bicycle, wearing some sort of clothes half my consciousness accepted while the other half faintly aware there was something wrong with the "style". I wandered in a small street, quite deserted, with some little stores. I checked out a pair of green flip flops, a pair of blue ones. The green pair were bigger and more comfortable, even though the blue pair was cuter with the face of a frog on each. I had a hard time deciding, so I just put them back on the shelf, didn't buy any. I also lingered at the make-up shelf and picked up a lipstick.

My mom called. She said I should be home in time for dinner. I got annoyed and grumpily replied that I would be back in a minute. She raised her voice, sounded like she was hurt: "Do you know what today is?". Then I realized it was her birthday. One day in October.

I determined to buy her a gift. More cycling, more checking up things. I concluded that a face cream is the best gift, because she would need to use it often. I stopped at another shop. Nothing worthwhile. I saw a sign of the brand "Essence". I hopped in. They said there was no cream for 50+ women in the store. I looked up the posters placed on top of each cream box, caught a wrinkle face, naively pointed at the picture and asked: "how about this one?". The whole group of sale girls broke out laughing, one mockingly explained that the product was eyebrow pencil, "don't you see it makes her face looks better even with wrinkle?" She said.

The girls kept giggling at my ignorance about beauty products. Meanwhile, I wondered if going straight home to be on time for dinner was a better birthday gift. "Would she be happier if I am home with no gift?". Deep down, I thought "yes", but I still wanted to find something. I walked out of the store, couldn't bear whisper and giggle anymore. I could feel their eyes chasing me up to the place I parked my bicycle. Seeing the miserable bike, they broke out laughing again.

I woke up. Cold and lonely. Told myself: "I wanted to leave".
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