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Chủ Nhật, 11 tháng 9, 2011

- From the tour today:
I listened to a Finnish girl sharing her plan: "I will live here until the end of December, then I will travel for about 5 months, and then end up somewhere my boyfriend can find a job. But he works in the business sector so he will be able to find a job anywhere. I wouldn't worry about it. We have a small saving and we are gonna use it all for the travel. So, yeah, I don't know where I will be yet."
I find myself secretly desire to be in her place. Isn't that the style of life I want to live? Going somewhere, and somewhere else, and even somewhere else after that. They say you can get into the habit of constant moving. I don't know, but I am young, why should I waste these precious years to settle down, to get a good job, to secure a husband, or to bore myself to death? As long as we have enough to eat, we shouldn't worry too much, right?

- From the tour today:
I met Kim Huynh, the Australian professor from the Australian National University I have secretly admired from his writings. I have read everything he writes I can find online, and it's almost a childish excitement I felt for almost a week the moment I knew he was coming on this Sunday tour. It feels like having someone you know and like and admire from papers, coming into real life and talk to you. I don't have any idols. But when I like someone's writing, I can be a loyal fan. Especially towards the end, he told me in Vietnamese: "Write me an email. I will be here for another year. I am here to help people like you." I felt like flying, and still haven't landed yet.

- From the tour today:
Malte, my colleague, my superior, my supervisor, the ultimate COO of Bloom, complimented me on my progress in the role of a project assistant. Yesterday is the mark of my two months working for Bloom. After two months, I come to understand that he is very demanding, super hardworking and obsessed with being professional. But I appreciate him, his openness, honesty and encouragement. Although I didn't like it  a lot when he wrote me a long email to feed back on my performance, with a tiny point like "close your mouth all the time when  you chew food" and "don't talk with food in your mouth when we have guests with us" (and I thought I didn't), I still admit that Im grateful to work with someone like him. To quote him directly: "I really like your translation today. It's really simultaneous. It just gets better and better everyday. I sat there and 'wow, this is amazing' ".

- From the tour today:
The Former Head of the Women Union, who is supposed to speak for the interest of the women, talked about how divorces often happen because the wives are slow, lazy and have mental problems, but not because their husbands are alcoholic, abusive and lazy. To quote her: "Women here are very enduring, if their husbands drink and beat them, they can and will tolerate that. So most divorce cases are because the women themselves cause problems."

And it's my 7th tour today.
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