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Thứ Hai, 22 tháng 8, 2011

"Last term, as part of the Social Studies curriculum, my son’s class went on a BMV Study Tour to Soc Son.

When my son returned home he showed me the “Meet your borrower’’ card which has a description of the family and shows what the tour fee and the excursion will go towards.

In this particular case the finance is being used to help: “Mrs Yen who earns extra money for her family by raising dogs. She was provided a loan of two million VND because she hopes to diversify her income by investing in ducks and geese for meat.”

As a representative of an animal welfare organization, and also on a personal level for both my son, I must object in the strongest terms to an organization that would support a venture where dogs are being raised/farmed for meat.

Although the woman, Mrs Yen, says she “hopes” to diversify by investing in ducks and geese, she has not said that she will stop farming dogs for meat."

Quoted from a 3 page- letter sent by a concerned mother to Bloom, the first complaint we've got.

I don't know how to think about it. On the one hand, I understand this lady's outrage. She is an animal activist, and the idea of eating dogs is already too much to tolerate, let alone raising them especially for meat. On the other hand, though I don't eat dog myself (more for taste preference than ethic reason), I understand the economic logic behind it. If there is demand, why shouldn't there be supply? Dogs are easy to raise, if you consider them for meat, not pets.

In the end, what makes it legitimate to eat other animals such as pigs, cows chickens, geese and ducks, but not dogs? Why would you object to some, but not others? Why do dogs deserve attention and struggle, but not the rest? Campaigns for pigs and chickens often aim at creating better conditions for them, but those conditions are for lives that will be taken. Animals live to be killed. Why do pigs and chickens only deserve slaughter in the end?

By the way, Im contemplating on going vegetarian. It's not easy to do it at home and I don't want to be the centre of ridicule again. But once I go away somewhere and cook for myself, I'll definitely try.

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