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Thứ Tư, 6 tháng 7, 2011

I am rather impulsive when it comes to something I don't like/hate/can't stand. The same line will echo in my head constantly: "I wanna quit, I wanna quit, I wanna quit". Whether it's a person, a book, a class, a job, a place, or whatever else, I struggle every moment to stay with something I hate. Some of them are affectedness and peremptoriness. These two attributes often drive me crazy. But yeah, only children walk away from something they don't like. Unfortunately, I am not a kid anymore.

But all the while, I am such a snail in love. Not only I don't believe in love at first sight, I totally lack the capacity for it. I don't think I ever love someone/something right away. It always takes time, sometimes a lot of time. So funny, I usually have to tell myself to wait for some good feelings to come about. Wait, wait, wait, until I feel better. And when it does come, it easily goes to the extreme.

So, I have few objects for love and a lot more for hatred and even more for indifference. But those I love, Im likely to feel the same for long time, even a lifetime. Those I hate, I will either give up to my impulsiveness and leave, or I will beat myself and stay, wait for love to come slowly. It is such a fine line between persistence and blindly sticking to a meaningless object, though. I don't think the saying "winner never quits, quitter never wins" makes sense in all cases. If it doesn't work out, you'd better quit and move on, rather than stay and perish. But how do you know when you should move on, and when you should persist?

Easy come, easy go. Love doesn't come easy, so it won't go easy.

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