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Thứ Năm, 26 tháng 5, 2011

- You didn't have the time to build a social network involving people who might leak crucial, internal information about job opportunities, available to your friends going to domestic university. I suppose it might take at least a year or so, if you are very socially active, to be integrated again after 4 years away.
- You didn't have the time to volunteer, work as intern during university and most companies/organizations select from this pond of applicants for a new opening position before turning their interest to outsiders.
- Ridiculously high expectation and therefore psychological pressure from family for a well-paid job, because you know, you have a good education and we have spent a lot on you.
-   Implicit discrimination from employers who have a so-so degree and hesitant to hire you for fear of not paying a deserving salary
- People may not treat you very nicely, or reluctant to accept and help you, especially the older ones because you make them feel insecure
- You receive less/or no help from family, because of the over-confidence that with such a great degree, you can manage yourself, unlike your sister who was aided with a big fund to buy her way in a job because her education didn’t cost that much
- Your work experience is irrelevant at best, and untrustworthy at worst. People can’t verify your claim, and virtually can’t contact your references. You present some names they are ultimately unfamiliar with, and lose the battle if there is someone with experience in some domestic well-known companies.
- I am going crazy because everyday someone will ask whether I have made any progress in job hunting. My dad has commented how I have spent a large amount of his money. My grandfather has said if I had chosen another field, like banking or computer science, there would be no trouble finding a job now. My aunt has complained that I shouldn’t be unemployed like this. And friends always ask if I have found a job every time we talk. Im seriously going crazy.
(to be continued)

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