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Thứ Bảy, 30 tháng 4, 2011

From Adrian

Hi Van,
 Well, here I am ... at 4:13 am ... woke up thinking about you.  Went to bed just after 12 am thinking about you.  I'm going to miss you!  The reality of you leaving didn't really sink in until last night I guess.  I do love you, maybe not in a life-long relationship kind of love (I am not trying to propose to you lol) ... but I do love you!  You are a very special young lady - we've had so many fun adventures and share so many good memories together. 
 I realized I did not say anything about Sunday afternoon - I think you know I am coming on Sunday to pick up your desk and bed.  My guess is that I will be coming with Mai at around 3:00 pm to pick up the desk ... and come back at around 5:00 pm with Mimo to pick up the bed.  Is that OK with you?
Sunday night ... if you are free Sunday night, we still could go see Marg one last time at her place.
 Well, I'm going to try to get some more sleep ... it is not usual for me to be up in the middle of the night like this ... well, I did wake up to use the washroom, but I also just can't keep you off my mind.

[It is indeed very unusual for Adrian to be this expressively sweet. Of course he is always sweet, but never through words]

From Wilf and Lorraine
Dear Van:
Congratulations on completing your studies at Trent, a difficult but rewarding four years.
Your future lies ahead and we trust your path will be the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose for your life.
Here is a verse from God’s Word to take with you – Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”
God bless you Van – have a safe journey home to your family and please keep in touch!
Much love,
Grandpa + Grandma Lawrenson

From Cynthia and John
April 30, 2011
Dear Van,
I will always treasure your love story of your grandparents.
I am especially appreciative of your contributions to my research, with your deep observaition and reflection. Your love for older people is a beautiful quality.
You will remain in our hearts always (Cynthia)
Keep us up to date with your adventures.  I know God has great things planned for your life.
You have friends in us for sure.
Best always (John)

From Helen:
Bye bye Love,
We will miss so much, my little one
God bless you in all you do. Have a safe trip home, love.
May be you can visit us some time.
[I really appreciate her writing my name in its proper spelling]

From Marg:
Dear Van
It has been great getting to know you while you have been in Canada. Im going to miss you very much
Loads of love
[On the cover: The more you like someone, the harder it is to say good-bye. And inside the card, it says: Hope you know just how much you’ll be missed and how often you’ll be thought of. Take care!]

Last night, I had a farewell party with my most favourite people in Peterborough. Lots of food, gifts, cards, laughs (and perhaps some concealed tears), hugs and loving words were exchanged, with me being in the centre of attention. Just to keep a record here, so in time of troubles and hardship, I have something to fondly look back and remind myself how much I am loved and cared for.
Well, probably John is right, it’s the people I met that I’ll remember.
Bye bye Canada. You’ll be in my heart.

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