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Thứ Tư, 24 tháng 11, 2010

Compared to The Half-blooded Prince movie:

  1. I was less disappointed. I guess I have learnt to lower my expectation.
  2. Plots are closer to those in the book. Less invented details supposedly to be ridiculous, especially when Ron is portrayed. I don’t think that does justice to him. I don’t like cheap humour.
  3. Emotions are expressed better. This part is dense with loss and grief, death and terror. It is the dark time of history. Even though actors’ ability to “act out” characters’ feelings are nothing compared to other famous actors, they do a better job than themselves in the previous movie.
  4. Ginny still has very little room for herself. She appears only twice, and once in a quite provoking posture and initiates a kiss. It’s understandable how fans are puzzled at Harry’s choice of love. Rowling says little about Ginny in her books, and in the films, they make her little than a girl always showing up for a kiss.
  5. Music is less colourful. I think Nicholas Hopper is a much better choice. Too bad he decided not to compose music for this piece.
  6. It leaves me think about war. Rowling draws heavily from the Holocaust and Nazi regime to depict this war, especially in the part dealing with Muggle and getting rid of Mugblood. It’s terrifying to think that it actually happened before, not too long ago. And now they are talking about war again, between North and South Korea. Haven’t humans suffered enough?

Funny how after watching a movie like that, my worries and problems seem so trivial and my life so boring. When I was young, I often wondered what the characters would do after their conflicts and troubles are solved. Would they live a normal life again? Were their stories worth telling if they were just of ordinary people?
I don't think I'll watch any other movie with Daniel Racliffe in it. As his face is attached to Harry's image in my mind, I can't stand watching him change into other characters. I won't be able to let my precious little world of wizards and the boy I dearly love dissolve into nothingness, as if Harry is just another illusion and the one who plays him can be any one else.
My admiration for J.K Rowling and her imagination only grows deeper every time I think about her story. Probably some day, I will also have my story to tell.

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