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Chủ Nhật, 28 tháng 11, 2010

Céline: So often in my life I've been with people and shared beautiful moments like travelling, or staying up all night and watching the sunrise, and I knew those were special moments. But something was always wrong. I wished I’d been with someone else. (They both laugh.) I knew that what I was feeling, exactly what was so important to me, they didn't understand. But I'm happy to be with you. You couldn't possibly know why a night like this is so important to my life right now, but it is...This is a great morning.
Jesse: It is a great morning. Do you think we have others like this? (Céline smiles.) What?
Celine: What about our rational, adult decision?
Jesse: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I know what you mean about wishing somebody wasn't there though, It‘s just, usually, it‘s myself that I wish I could get away from. Seriously, think about this. I have never been anywhere that I haven't been. I've never had a kiss when I wasn't one of the kissers. You know, I've never, um, gone to the movies, when I wasn't there in the audience. I've never been out bowling, if I wasn't there, making some stupid joke. That's why so many people hate themselves. Seriously. It’s just they are sick to death of being around themselves. Let‘s say that you and I were together all the time, then you'd start to hate a lot of my mannerisms. The way...the way every time that we would have people over...I'd be insecure, and I'd get a little too drunk. Or...the way I tell the same stupid pseudo-intellectual story again, and again. Y'see, I've heard all those stories...So of course I'm sick of myself. But being with you...it‘s made me feel like I was somebody else. I mean the only other way to lose yourself like that is...you know, dancing...or alcohol...or drugs or stuff like that.
Céline: Fucking?
Jesse: Fuh... Fucking? Yeah. That's one way. Yeah. (Swallows breath, turns away.)
Céline: (Turning towards Jesse and whispers.) Do you know what I want?
Jesse: What?
Céline: (Flips hair gently behind her neck and whispers again.) To be kissed.

[This is a kind of breath-taking beautiful scene. I love the idea of "being with you makes me lose myself". I love Celine's whispering voice "to be kissed". I love the vague feeling "You couldn't possibly know why a night like this is so important to my life right now, but it is". I guess I see myself so much in them. I see my life philosophy. I see my dream. I see my hope. It's like watching a deeply repressed dream of mine I've had for a very very long time, since my sub-consciousness has started picking up clues of what I want to do with my life, but I've never admitted this dream out loud to myself.
Love is about connection. Life is about moments. Death is ambiguous, just like everything else, and somehow magical. Im fueled with inspiration to wait, not for THE other half, but someone with whom I can feel truly connected too. Not someone who is similar to me, but who makes me feel whole]

 p/s: First time ever Im convinced that a movie sometimes can tell a story better than a book. The conversations would be too lengthy no matter how much wits and passion are put in, without the music, the background, lights and darkness, real honest facial expression. Throughout the whole movie, there's not one "love" and "miss" but those two words are inflicted everywhere, even in the sunlight shone through Celine's hair.

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