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Thứ Sáu, 1 tháng 10, 2010

Anh Tung and Linh played a song we jokingly categorize as 9x all through lunch and dinner today. As a result, I can't shut its rhythm off my mind while trying to read Weber :))
All I know is that song is sung by Noo Phuoc Thinh, someone I have read about, yet never listened to any of his songs.
Google gave me the name of that song, and a link to a blog where I gathered that it is a Vietnamese version of the theme song from a Korean drama: Boys over flowers.
I found a video made up with scenes from the movie and an acoustic guitar cover version of the song on youtube: Because Im stupid
My immediate desire is to drown myself in that sweetness. The song sounds sweet, the movie looks sweet, the exact kind of sweetness Im craving for. Every once in a while, probably a few days in month, I suddenly need to be loved and treasured. It's not like I don't usually need to feel love, just someday the need is greater than others. Yet I have to hold myself back. It's such a luxury I can't afford now. I've already gone short of time with tasks on my hands
Since I am very much attracted by passion, Im so dread to let myself fall into passion.
Just like I once wrote, if someday I meet someone who can take my breath away, I would be more likely to run away than to stay.
Because I will lose myself in that love.
I guess that's what Im missing, something empty inside which I can't name.
A passion.

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