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Chủ Nhật, 12 tháng 9, 2010

It was midnight.

I was sleepy like hell after a heavy but fun dinner with friends. They tried to keep me awake until the proper bedtime (according to them!!!) as they said I should fix my sleep pattern to be ready for school starting next week.

It was cold and rainy. The temperature was below 10 degree and I live on the first floor. All of sudden, I wanted someone to watch a movie with me. Not just that. I guess I wanted someone to sit with me, under a blanket. I wanted a human warmth, instead of the heat from my own body under three thick blankets.

Funny how this kind of desire kindled for no reason. It was cold outside, I was sleepy, and I wanted someone to stay with me. Isn't that good enough?

Even more funny, that feeling didn't go away the next morning. It stayed.

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