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Thứ Tư, 22 tháng 9, 2010

Everyday I say something I wish I hadn’t said. Blame them! It’s not that I can’t control my flow of thoughts; it is I am too comfortable around them that I don’t even bother checking my thoughts.

Ok, this is funny. Two days ago, I wondered if I have forgotten how to blush, since I read an (stupid) article about blushing and I couldn’t recall when the last time my face actually turned pink was. Yesterday night, for no clear reason, I blushed in front of my housemates. Blame them! They all laughed like crazy and I was embarrassed (for blushing). This is so unlike me! Yet it is such a relief somehow, because I know now I haven’t lost the ability to blush

Yesterday my house had a tea “party” with a pot of green bean + lotus seeds + tapioca, a pot of jasmine green tea + a fancy set of tea cups, a plate of kiwi, three moon cakes, a plate of raisin cookies, a chocolate cake bar, a can of orange juice and whatever else I can’t remember. Our effort to see the moon failed miserably because the sky was very cloudy as a thunderstorm was on the way. It rained last night. The moon was no where to be seen and I didn’t reminisce whatsoever. Trung thu, to me, has never been a special occasion. I wasn’t indulged as a kid in toys and festival. No memory, no regret, no desperate homesickness. Actually, if I were home, I probably wouldn’t have anyone to go out with anyway. A cozy and lazy evening spent with friends is all I want. I went to bed with an almost bursting stomach. Blame them!

Half of my day was spent cleaning and cooking. The three of them stood watching me cook and commenting that they were doing me a favour by training me for the future of a housewife. “Your mother in law will treat you worse than us, better get used to it when you can”, “Practice now will do you good later”, “Our intensive training will help you find a guy”..non-sense rambling went on while I struggled with a pan full of pork. Since I am sharing the house with 3 guys and 1 girl, all of whom are bigger and taller than me, including the only other girl (and she is a good cook, active and independent, unlike me ^^), I can’t help but feel I am treated as their little sister. But I seriously don’t mind because they are all extremely caring and loving.

Like when I just say casually that I might have to go to Walmart to buy a water bottle and one of them gave me a vividly red bottle. I consider it a Trung thu gift, even though it is not intended to be. But who cares?

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