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Thứ Năm, 12 tháng 8, 2010

I am the kind of person that needs love. I always love someone and as long as I have someone to vent my emotion on, I am fine. My brother, who has lots of experience with my complaining and demanding because he doesn’t show his love for me as much and as often as I want, can give you a testimony of how it feels like to live with the burden of expressing your feelings every once in a while. I simply need to hear a few people’s talking about their feelings about me on an everyday basis, and I literally make them do that. I and my ex used to have a game, well not really a game but I made him commit to it: everyday each of us would say the reason we love each other. I say " I love you" to my best friend –Gà- at least a few times a week and hear the same thing from her. So, when I read this, I am extremely happy. Because it’s been a while since someone voluntarily says she loves me without my forcing her to do that. And it’s just so sweet. For a victim of love hunger like me, everything has do with love is terrific. This is enough to make me feel really really special.
And for you, darling, I know you don’t like publicizing your private life but this is my way of showing that I treasure what you have done. Of course there is some boasting involved too. But I hope you won’t blame me for showing my friends that I am doing very well here since I have such a nice girl like you to be friend with. You don't know that I have been waiting for this moment for very long, ever since I came to Canada. The moment when I finally find LOVE.
So here is what she has to say. It melts my heart.
“To a special person!!!
Today at 4:03am
Uhm, frankly speaking, I really hate writing though I know it is one of your most favorite activities everyday. But after our conversation just now, I cannot sleep since I keep laughing about what we have talked. My mum once told me that if somebody was special to you, you should let that person know. And indeed, I want to tell you that you are really a special person in my life...

I love the way we usually analyze people around us: one imagines that one is in love all the time, one thinks that a lot of people are lining for one's love as if there were any. one is so slow and one is so experienced, one daydreams that one has to choose from so many of one's lovers, etc. Why don't they just face to the reality in the same way as we do? LOL

I think your ex is such a dumb person for letting go of a wonderful person like you. I think all people around you, who have not paid enough attention to you, do not know what they have missed. You are a very special person, without doubt!!!

I love the world that you introduced me to. It can be a nonsense thing to me, but it is somehow very sweet and enlightening at the same time. And I love it!!!

I love to read your entries because sometimes, I find my world collides with your world or some parts of your world are very new to me. You have added a novel dimension to my view of the world.

We are so different in many aspects. I am cold-blooded but you are emotional. I hate writing but you love writing. I am not easily touched by people's actions but you are. I always want to make sure I and the person I love more will not get hurt but you want to make sure everybody will not get hurt even though you are the person who has to suffer. I always tell you to become harsh when needed but sometimes, I wish I could have your soft-hearted personality.

We are similar in some ways. We both hate the person who like us if we do not like them back. We are normally being blamed and that person appears to be a victim. In fact, we are the victims right? We both hate publicizing about any aspects of our relationship since it is sweet to keep it between two people.

I am sorry if I miss any of our similarities or differences. I am an extremely forgetful person. And that is why I want to write something before I forget :).

The last thing I want to let you know is that I am very glad to have met you. You have became part of my life, in fact, a very special part. And trust me, a lot of people think you are a special person as well.

I wish our relationship can always be kept and memorized by both of us!!! I also wish I can find somebody whom I can love in the same way as I love you.

Currently being in love !!!”

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