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Thứ Năm, 12 tháng 8, 2010

Thank you, my life-time close friend, Gà yêu, for telling me you love me almost everyday, and for letting me know that Im lovely almost every other day. Thank you for not being fed up with watching me eat my lunch, and not getting mad when I say “you are stupid”. Thank you for your consistent love, and for always coming back to me no matter what happens.

Thank you, my little piece of the unchangeable, Hollow Brain, for singing to me occasionally, and for reminding me that Im important to you from time to time. Thank you for not being close friend to any other girl, and for securing my sole place in your heart. Thank you for treasuring the precious secret we both share, which is a love for the innocence.

Thank you, my intellectual sweetheart, Mr. Huge Heart, for always listening to my rambling, for telling me that you feel closer to me than any one else, those who are physically present in your life. Thank you for our endless chat, for teaching me how to write even when you’re tired and drunk. Thank you for calling me when you have no others to talk to. Thank you for not getting angry with me when I become irritating, and for always accepting my apology when I regret my hurtful words.

Thank you, my falling-from-the-sky-brother, Đại Ca, for suffering without complaining for more than 4 years so far, and most likely the rest of your life. Thank you for letting me know that you feel most comfortable talking with me, because others don’t understand you the way I do. Thank you for your patience with my quest to realize your brotherly kind of love. I know it takes me a long long time. Thank you for not giving me up when I pushed you away, at least a few times if I remember correctly.

Thank you, my dear wife, Hương, for our numerous mid-night chat. Thank you for telling me a lot about yourself, for sharing with me your thoughts and struggles, which I know you don’t usually do. Thank you for always protecting me against gossip and bullying, secretly or openly. Thank you for our similarities, and our laughs. I know that I’ll have you by my side no matter what, and that I don’t have to worry whenever Im with you.

Thank you, my honey, Linh, for your warmth, both physically and emotionally. Thank you for your strength, because this is a source of inspiration, even though you’re not aware of it. Thank you for your girly concerns, because it brings me to the notion that those who do great things can be normal, therefore, those who are normal can do great things. You do great things, but you still have little troubles of all sorts. Thank you for delicious food, cozy bed, and letting me sleep in until noon in your room while you already left for work at 8.30 am.

Thank you, my neighbour, chị Trang, for the dinners we cook and eat together, for a place to sleep when I need to run away from my noisy roommates. Thank you for hours of beautifying my face with your precious make up stuff, and for lots of clothes. Thank you for being such a sister that I can ask for food when I finish class late and have nothing to eat.

Thank you, Vũ, for being a dictatorial president and for your huge effort in making our dance possible. I know we would probably end up terrible without you, since in fact we are all terrible dancers. Thank you for learning the moves, both guys’ and girls’ and patiently teaching us. Thank you for not getting annoyed when I start talking non-sense (which unfortunately takes place way too often). Ah, must thank you for being my partner, I feel awfully thankful for that now as I suddenly recall that Tân’s hands are very stiff, anh Tùng usually distracts me with his equally non-sense talking, which leads to constant laughs and useless discussion, and anh Trường has never stopped persuading me to do crazy move (like taking off the outer shirt). In other words, thank you for having soft hands, staying focused and not interested in an impressive semi-stripping ending. Most importantly, for not minding my weight.

Thank you, the rest of the close circle. Thank you for being my family here, my brothers and sisters. Thank you for the assurance that I’ll be taken care of should something wrong happens. Thank you for your support every time I ask and even when I don’t ask, like fixing my laptop, taking me shopping, helping me with the vendor stuff, being with me in my birthday, giving me free stuff (like DVDs), picking me up when I miss the bus. Thank you for all the fun we have together, for being an essential part of my life here and now. Thank you for all the food and memories, for walking with me on my road. I know each of us has a different direction, but thank you all for crosscutting your roads with mine.

Thank you, my fan, Mr. Tongue Toe (you know who you are), for reading and liking almost everything I post on facebook. Thank you for your compliments every time I send you a new track I record. Thank you for bearing all my silly questions and ridiculous stories. Thank you for your belief in me, because many things you are sure I can do, I myself am not sure of.

Thank you, all my professors, for opening my eyes to the world of knowledge, for introducing me to a real sense of thrill, a real thirst for understanding. Thank you for letting me experience the particular feeling of a mixture between helplessness and eagerness, as I feel so overwhelmed by the vast ocean of ideas but at the same time so excited to read them, think about them, write about them. Thank you for something I haven’t fully known yet, because how much I have changed; only time can tell.

Thank you, all the friends in Peterborough, for having me over to dinners, for taking me out to the countryside, for listening to me and opening your hearts to me. Thank you for your trying so hard to make me feel at home, for your hugs and kisses. Thank you for being so nice to someone you barely know, who is so shy that she almost never approaches a stranger. Thank you for every single “love you” on the phone, at the end of emails, when saying goodbye I’ve read and heard.

Thank you, all my friends back home, for not forgetting me even though our lives are so distant. Thank you for reminding me that Im missed, and that there are people who will be glad if I come back. Thank you for pulling me towards you. Thank you for making me feel like Im still a part of your life, because I know what you are doing and you know what I am doing. Thank you for all the pictures, notes, status you post on facebook, that way Im still surrounded myself with my favourite people. And don’t have to feel like Im left out.

Even though you won’t read this, but thank you, my family, for a life totally secure and full of love. I know not many people can have such a fortune. Thank you for being the pillars of my well-being and for everything I am.

Thank you, myself, for being able to recognize how much I am loved.

Thank you, everyone, for loving me and loving each other.

I know I don’t say this often enough, but please remember

I love you.

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